Order up a SALSAchino: Wound Care to Order?

We have been discussing “wound chemotherapy” for some time at SALSA. That is: delivery of specific agents (antimicrobials, anti-inflammatories, pro-angiogenic factors, anti-biofilm agents, growth factors). In fact, it is now a daily treatment regime on our service through modified negative pressure wound therapy modalities.

As we do this more frequently, we liken ourselves to the barrista at the local coffee joint or a bartender or a “mixologist”. Dr. Joe Mills just called me during ward rounds and, after criticizing my work ethic for not joining him (he is very needy, mind you), he delivered some SALSAism gems. Some new terms of art related to our SALSA mixology:

SALSAlatte (like salicylate, an antiinflammatory)
Plantar Flappochino
Feel free to email us with your ideas and experiences as you embark on your own good works.

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