Armstrong, Mulder Lead Worldwide Cast at Symposium in Saudi Arabia

Under the stewardship of Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mishaal Bin Majed Bin Abdul Aziz, David G. Armstrong and Gerit Mulder, Professors of Surgery at University of Arizona and UC San Diego, respectively, were keynote lecturers at a high powered gathering of clinicians at the International Surgical Diabetic Foot Symposium in Jeddah, this week. “Fully one quarter of adults in Saudi Arabia have diabetes”, noted Armstrong, who was the guest of honor at the opening ceremonies of the event. “The most common reason that one quarter of the population will end up in hospital is for a foot problem. What we have is an epidemic wrapped up in an epidemic.” The meeting, which attracted physicians and surgeons from throughout the region, was focused as much on policy as on surgical procedures. Armstrong continued “I think that the goal is to bring further awareness to this issue. The fact that Prince Mishaal and leaders from the Health Ministry of the Kingdom are here supporting this is a superb first step. It acknowledges all the good work that has been done by the clinicians in Saudi Arabia.”

Photo (from left):

Dr. Sami Badawood (Jeddah Health Minister), HRH Prince Mishaal Bin Majed Bin Abdulaziz (Governor of Jeddah) present award to David G. Armstrong at the opening ceremonies of the International Diabetic Foot Surgery Conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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