Podiatry, Vascular Surgery Come Together with First Ever Joint Statement

TUCSON/ What started as a preliminary “SALSA Summit” in February of
2009, has rapidly blossomed into a first-ever high-level collaboration
between the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) and the American
Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) aimed at reducing amputations in
people with diabetes. The first document published from this
collaboration was published today in the Journal of Vascular Surgery
(JVS) and in next month's Journal of the American Podiatric Medical
Association (JAPMA). “We're very proud with how this project has
progressed”, noted Lawrence A. Lavery, Professor of Surgery at Texas
A&M University. “This joint statement is a great start. The document,
entitled “The Role of Interdisciplinary Team Approach in the
Management of the Diabetic Foot”, is coauthored by Yale University's
Bauer Sumpio, the University of Arizona/ Southern Arizona Limb Salvage
Alliance (SALSA)'s David G. Armstrong, Dr. Lavery and the Los Angeles
Amputation Prevention Center's George Andros. “This project spells out
the benefits of having the 'toe and flow' together in one team”, noted
Dr. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery at the University of Arizona. “It
is an initial conjoined salvo in a united battlefront in the war on
amputation.” The document will be followed by a joint special issue of
the JAPMA and JVS later this year.

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