While the eyes of the world are on Tucson

While the eyes of the world are on Tucson and our greater community, we mustn't forget that there is another struggle going on down under in Queensland. I share this letter from Julia Firth. 

Hi Dave,


I hope you are well and you and your family had a lovely Christmas and New Year.


I’m not sure how much international attention the Australian floods are receiving in the international media.  Unfortunately, 75% of the state of Queensland is affected by flooding, and yes, it is supposed to be summer here.  The death toll has reached 15 today, and there are still a number of people missing.  Other states have also been affected, but not to the extreme of the Queensland area.


The capital city of Brisbane has had 15000 homes and business affected, and 70 cities/towns across the state have been affected by the flooding.  The Brisbane river peaked today, so hopefully the worst is over and the clean up can now begin.


The Australasian Podiatry Council (APodC) has set up a flood relief fund for our podiatry colleagues affected by these devastating floods.  We are unsure how many podiatrists have been affected, but we do know that multiple clinics are under water.


I am wondering if you would be able to distribute the following link to the relief fund?  Please feel free to say no, but we are just trying to show support for our colleagues in this heart breaking time.





Thanks Dave, and I hope to see you at DFCon in March – yes, attempting to come back again 😉







Julia Firth | Podiatry Manager

St Vincent’s  |  41 Victoria Parade Fitzroy VIC 3065

t: +61 3 9288 3493  |  f: +61 3 9288 3808  Switch: +61 3 9288 2211 Pager: 1495  |  www.svhm.org.au


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