Medical Students Trained in Diabetic Foot Care: Prof. Arun Bal and the Diabetic Foot Society of India

From Menaka Rao / Daily News and Analysis / To improve the level of diabetic foot care in the country, the Diabetic Foot Society of India has started a series of workshops to train medical students and paramedics all over the country.

Diabetic foot refers to foot problems in diabetic patients caused due to arterial abnormalities as well as a tendency to delayed wound-healing, infection, gangrene. “We have decided to train undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and paramedics in it. We expect the trained doctors to use proper techniques and further spread the education,” said Dr Arun Bal, the founder-member president of DFSI.

Doctors will take 48 workshops in one year at medical colleges recognised by the Medical Council of India. The pilot project, named National Wound Care Project, is funded by the World Diabetes Foundation. They plan to run it for three years. DFSI has covered some colleges in West Bengal, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Delhi.

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  • It is very usual that many times people with foot problems are associated with diabetics. Actual reason is foot problems are highly visible and easy to observe. In fact they are also among the most common pernicious side effects of diabetes.

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  • Some of the first signs and symptoms that a patient is diabetic can show up with a simple examination of the foot. Therefore it's important that all medical students be trained how to diagnose the diabetic foot.

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