da Vinci Robot pwns Operation, deems our childhoods forlorn (and SALSA’s thoughts for the future of virtual surgery)

See the link below from Engadget. Can't the folks at Da Vinci stick to the chest, belly and perineum of real patients? Actually, this is fun stuff and continues to bode well for virtual surgery. Imagine, now, as we've discussed for many years, superspecialist surgeons at a “home base” working with local “hospitalist” surgeons at the actual operative site. That specialist can wake up, roll out of bed, begin surgery in Asia in the morning and march across time zones finishing cases in New York by day's end. Perhaps he or she'd work with three or four “virtual” fellows along the way. We thought this fanciful when we first discussed this 15 years ago, but now bandwidth is getting ubiquitous, reliable, and cheap. As you know, we've already been doing virtual surgical consultations by iPhone (“Facetime for Feet“). Who out there wants to do a virtual surgical workshop with SALSA?


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