Hello Brooklyn: SALSA Calling

In the same studio that hosted CNN's Sanjay Gupta discussing the life-saving work of members of University of Arizona's Department of Surgery, today, as it has so many times, hosted the Department's limb saving efforts. “It was a pleasure to do this lecture virtually with Dr. Glenn Donovan, Chief of Podiatric Surgery at Coney Island Hospital” noted David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and Director of the University's Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA). “To be able to project our efforts and collaborations virtually like this with such regularity worldwide really is satisfying. We call it 'spreading the SALSA' “. Dr. Donovan, for his part, also shared his thoughts in introductory remarks: “So much of what we do at our center is thanks to Dr. Armstrong's pioneering research and care. I took this position many years ago in part on his advice and the job is really making a difference.” The SALSA team has been able to give keynote lectures on 6 continents all from the comforts of University Medical Center's world-class biocommunication unit. 

Photo Caption: SALSA's David G. Armstrong, prior to keynote address.

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