Margaret Brand to Christen New Research Center at Barry Universit

From PM News and Dr. Barry Block:

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Ninety-one-year-old medical pioneer, Dr. Margaret Elizabeth Brand, will be conferred an honorary doctorate degree from Barry University this week, but not before the School of Podiatric Medicine dedicates a new research center in honor of her, and her late husband, Paul. Their groundbreaking work, from Louisiana to India, made it possible for insensate patients, including those with leprosy and diabetes, to function normally despite enormous handicaps. 

The new “Paul & Margaret Research Center” will enable Barry University professors and students to conduct research studies to identify the best treatment to promote wound healing, reduce amputations, and educate the public on prevention.”The mission of the ‘Paul & Margaret Brand Research Center’ is to create a world class research site utilizing the collaborative efforts of basic and clinical sciences,” said Dr. Jeffrey Jensen, dean of the Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine. “The research will result in publications in peer-reviewed journals, enhancing Barry University’s academic and scholarly reputation as well as the resident and student experience at Barry.”

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