Charcot Task Force Document Published

Greetings from Narita Airport. As my daughter Nina and I while away our layover en route to Fukuoka, we found the collective Charcot Task Force manuscript was just published in Diabetes Care and JAPMA. Here is the abstract posted today on PubMed. Enjoy, -DGA


The Charcot Foot in Diabetes.



The diabetic Charcot foot syndrome is a serious and potentially limb-threatening lower-extremity complication of diabetes. First described in 1883, this enigmatic condition continues to challenge even the most experienced practitioners. Now considered an inflammatory syndrome, the diabetic Charcot foot is characterized by varying degrees of bone and joint disorganization secondary to underlying neuropathy, trauma, and perturbations of bone metabolism. An international task force of experts was convened by the American Diabetes Association and the American Podiatric Medical Association in January 2011 to summarize available evidence on the pathophysiology, natural history, presentations, and treatment recommendations for this entity.

[PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Update: the entire task force document can be downloaded here. 

Here is the workup algorithm


More information on Charcot on this blog can be found here.

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