Georgetown Diabetic Limb Salvage Symposium (DLS), 2011 PLUS: Prof. Bill Ennis discusses maggots

With many thanks from our friends Chris Attinger, John Steinberg and Rich Neville, we share these photos from Georgetown University Hospital’s DLS Symposium sent this afternoon. We also congratulate this year’s Georgetown Distinguished Award for Limb Salvage recipient, Bill Ennis.


Photo Captions:

Armstrong during Plenary Lectures
Armstrong with Peter Sheehan
Armstrong, Lee Rogers and George Andros.

Georgetown Limb Salvage Awardees 2007-Present (from left) Prof. Gary Gibbons, Dean Lawrence Harkless, Armstrong, Prof. Bill Ennis, Symposium Organizer Dennis Vitrella, Symposium Chair Prof. Chris Attinger, Dr. Peter Sheehan)

Furthermore,  we share this video of Dr. Ennis in a more casual setting describing to us (with his characteristic blend of erudition and elegance) the difference between “Northside” maggots and those from the “Southside” of Chicago. Enjoy.

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