Taking "activity biopsies" has never been easier: See what gadget jawbone has for us, now.

File under “Quantitated Self”:

It has been about 12 years since our team first published work on internet-based activity monitoring. Back then, it was a fun and clumsy affair. Now, though, things are really (so to speak) hitting their stride. We now can really take what we call “activity biopsies” of our lives. We at SALSA tend to think this is the way we should be measuring what we manage. We have seen over the years that most of us are notoriously inaccurate at gauging our activity levels and timings of that activity. This, my friends might be the solution, no?  Thanks to Mat Smith and the folks at Engadget. 

Jawbone's Up wristband warms up at AT&T store, wants you faster, stronger

Jawbone's fitness-obsessed wristband appears to be closing in on the retail finish line. The Up pairs with what appears to be an iOS app, (no news on whether an Android version is in the pipeline), and will pile on the guilt about your disgustingly sedentary lifestyle. You can have the luxury of feeling like a weight loss reality show contestant by scheduling “get up and move” reminders when you've succumbed to watching back-to-back mediocre sitcoms with a Doritos family bag chaser. There's also a sleep tracker and a challenge tab to plot your amazing weight loss journey (or descent to an early demise) against friends and family. It'll monitor what you eat, and even tell you which foods “help you feel your best.” (We think it's cake.) No word on price or arrival date just yet, so you'll just have to put up with Autom until we hear more.

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