Rock Health Graduates Inaugural Boston Class: Includes Diabetic Foot mHealth Company

Rock Health Graduates Inaugural Boston Class

By Shiv Galglani
Health tech incubator Rock Health just graduated its first class of seven startups from its Boston location, with demo day taking place on Friday, August 24th at the Broad Institute. We met a few of these nascent companies earlier this summer when we visited their headquarters at Harvard Medical School’s Countway Library. The startups and their descriptions are below:
  • NoviMedicine allows a dermatologist to diagnose and treat acne remotely and efficiently through a virtual office visit platform.
  • Podimetrics is a home health device that aims to free the world from diabetic wounds, a condition leading to 100k unnecessary leg amputations each year in the US alone.
  • Reify Health empowers medical experts with a platform to develop and test mobile health therapies then deploys the effective mobile therapies into the third-party payer market.
  • Home Team Therapy uses online video and the Microsoft Kinect sensor to help patients exercise at home.
  • Neumitra develops data-driven technologies to address the effects of stress on health, productivity, and happiness.
  • Neurotrack is a suite of behavioral assessment tools that can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment.
  • RxApps extends care management into the home using personalized web apps and SMS self-monitoring to engage patients and providers in the recovery process, starting with mental health.
We caught up with Rock Health’s Chief Operations Officer, Sarah Pollet, who had the following to say about Demo Day and the general Boston experience:
“The Rock Health Boston Demo Day was a massive success! We had standing room only and 7 of our phenomenal teams were just fantastic. I introduced Rock Health and the class, as well as each startup before their demo, and Dr. John Halamka provided a wonderful address to the group as well, to contextualize why right now is such a great time for health care innovation.
An example of one of our graduates is Reify Health, which is delivering mobile health therapies in unique and powerful ways. They have a fantastic team, and they’re already profitable with loyal customers. Their expertise spans medicine, machine learning, and computer science.
We were so grateful to have the opportunity to work within the innovation ecosystem in Boston, inside the Harvard Medical School. We were thrilled to run a pop-up incubator in Boston and look forward to potentially running more programs there to come!”
We also corresponded with Robert Goldberg of the Neumitra team, who said the following when asked about the most useful thing that his startup gained from the Summer incubator:
“We’ve gained valuable insights into the varied markets that are developing in health information technologies. From large organizations to consumers and government and academia, it’s clear that the various stakeholders need to be properly balanced in launching a startup in healthcare. The needs are too expensive and central to how we live our lives to simply offer a hack or product alone. We’re devoting ourselves to a cause to change societies. That requires partners as diverse as those at medical schools, major hospitals and providers, and corporate investments. RockHealth made all of those interconnected relationships readily available for Neumitra.”

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