The SALSA@USC Fellowship

The Lawrence B. Harkless Fellow in Limb Preservation at The University of Southern California


Want to change the world…one step at a time?
The fellowship’s central aim is to train and develop future leaders in this field.
The Southwestern Academic Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) at the University of Southern California is acknowledged as one of the top training programs in the world for people with interest in advanced clinical/academic leadership positions in limb salvage. The focus is on reconstructive foot and ankle surgical training, high-volume service management, and limb salvage techniques in a uniquely integrated “toe and flow” service model. Most candidates also create a hybrid of clinical and research foci.
Ideal candidates should possess an already strong clinical and academic background with a keen interest in academic development, inpatient and outpatient care, and research. We train and have trained fellows from a variety of medical, surgical, and research backgrounds over the last two and a half decades.
This fellowship was developed to meet the unique and varied health, education and research needs of the field of diabetic foot care. SALSA@USC  provides care for patients throughout the Southland and the world, with regular out of state and international consultations. SALSA is one of the most dynamic and productive clinical/research teams in the world dedicated to the diabetic foot, wound healing, and limb salvage.
Graduates of our fellowship programs include many of the leading clinicians and researchers in the field, worldwide.
Applicants should forward a letter of intent (preferably via email) with their curriculum vitae to the attention of:
David G. Armstrong
Professor of Surgery
Director, SALSA
Any other questions? Please email us at

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  1. Hi, This is Dr.Sruthisri from India, Im interested trained up in fellowship in diabetic foot. Iam already doing my fellowship in diabetology from Royal liverpool academy Uk.Please let me known the information regarding this course andi its duration

  2. I am General Surgeon from India and wish to do fellowship i diabetic foot care. Please provide the details of the course.

  3. Good afternoon, I am a nurse in Argentina, I work in a Diabetic Foot unit in the most complex hospital in the Province of Neuquén, in the South of Argentina. I would be interested to be able to attend the training that you offer. Do they have space for nurses? regards

  4. Good Morning, I am a prosthetist/ Orthotist from Federal Medical Center Abeokuta, Nigeria. I will be interested to attend your training. Patiently waiting for your favorable response.

    Thank you

  5. Hello Dr. David G. Armstrong. I´m very interested in your work and would like to join the fellowship. I´m a MD with a podiatry specialty in México with a private practice in Puerto Vallarta, 70% of my patients are retired elder Canadians and Americans, many of them with diabetes and foot ulcers, others just come for preventive care to keep active. Regards.

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