SALSAisms: The List

On our SALSA “Toe and Flow” service, we often operate in close quarters. This
has led to many appellations for and colloquialisms used by various team members. Here is a partial (and running) list:

  1. SOLEcial media: breeding ground for bacteria on a diabetic foot.
  2. The Digital ManifesTOE: Saving Soles- one toe at a time
  3. Pedicurious: intense diagnostic or therapeutic interest in the high risk foot (or in the outcomes of pedicures gone wrong)
  4. Toerigami: a surgical procedure involving the creative use of healthy tissue to close a complex foot wound.
  5. Flowsposo/ Toesposa – SALSAspeak describing one’s interdisciplinary spouse
  6. FLOWmenco: a clinical dance requiring great skill to enhance peripheral circulation.
  7. Coma Toes: Digital lower extremity suspended animation. A precarious state.
  8. InToesusseption: Common deformity in Charcot Foot when a toe is above or below the neighbor one. Also applies for Mills’ disagreement with Armstrong’s patient management.
  9. “It’s going Fungal”: The podiatric equivalent of going viral
  10. Post TOEmatic Stress Disorder (or FLOWmatic): The case that stays with a surgeon after he/she leaves the OR.
  11. “The Sound of Sepsis”: A Favorite Tune by Flowman and Toefunkel
  12. Toe and Faux: A “Toe and Flow” team with the lack of a robust vascular service
  13. Dudley Flowright and Toewinkle: popular characters from the 1960s cartoon transposed to SALSA clinic.
  14. DemisToephi: To effectively communicate a complex toe and flow condition
  15. Neuro-apathy: In the absence of pain, the dissociation between wound and person experienced in diabetes.
  16. Extreme DUI = Extreme Diabetic Undrained Infection
  17. Toe and Flow-Strodamus: Predictions for the Toe and Flow Future
  18. Caveat amp-toe: Let the amputator beware
  19. Toe away zone: when a gangrenous digit is unlikely to survive, it is parked here.
  20. Flowchacho (or Toechacho): A collquial (toeloquial) expression of affection and/or greeting within the SALSA bowl. See: toemigo/flowmigo.
  21.  Intoeition: knowing there is a foot infection present even when radiographs and white count are normal
  22. Sole-ar power: generation of energy through ambulation
  23. NewTOEnian: physics strategies aimed at reducing mechanical stress. 
  24. Happy Toe Lucky: A description of Dr. Armstrong’s generally cheery world view.
  25. Portmantoe (derivation of portmanteau): A combination of two words– one referring specifically to feet
  26. (Lap) Toely Cystectomy: an in-clinic drainage of an abscess with the extremity resting on a the draped leg (lap) of the surgeon. 
  27. Flowpecia areata: absence of flow to a region. Flowpecia totalis (total lack of flow– works for toepecia, too). 
  28. Toliloquy: “Toe be or not Toe be”  
  29. InToelectual: One prone to deep thinking on matters of the sole
  30. Toe Stopper: A particularly engaging podiatric lecture (see “showstopper”)
  31. Hal-Lex Luthor and Clark Stent: The constant verbal battle between Armstrong and Mills in clinic. 
  32. Toestra Knowstra: The body of knowledge contained within the diabetic foot “family”. 
  33. PUSterity: doing an emergency incision and drainage for pusterity’s sake because it’s the right thing to do. 
  34. FeTOEccini al dedo: 1/4 inch gauze packing
  35. Intoedependence: One word describing the synergistic nature of toe and flow
  36. Sphere of toefluence: A “toe and flow” team’s impact on a hospital, region or nation.
  37. TOEken appearance: making an unscheduled visit to clinic
  38. EnTOErage: a particularly large toe and flow team conducting ward rounds.
  39. Out on a limb: A bold, sometimes quixotic prediction for healing
  40. Count Vascula: A characteristically imperious (if not anonymous) Vascular Surgeon.
  41. TOElemetry: Remote monitoring of foot complications
  42. Faux pod: One’s non-podiatric clinical partner masquerading as a toe doctor (Fun alternative: Toe Pas).
  43. ToeFU: Much like SNAFU, but for a foot.
  44. Toeverflow: The resultant swelling and inundation of podiatric patients on a Toe/Flow service secondary to referral from local, frequently rural emergency departments.
  45. The Limb Reaper: A disparaging definition of diabetes and its end stage complications.
  46. ArisTOEcratic: of, or belonging to, a family or lineage of clinicians taking care of feet (see TOEbless Olbige)
  47. Well Heeled: Successful epithelialization after a partial calcanectomy.
  48. WD40 = Wound Dialysis at 40ml/hr.
  49. STENTorian: a particularly vocal endovascular enthusiast.
  50. Fuss und Fluss: Toe and Flow in German
  51. PhoToegenic: a particularly aesthetically pleasing foot photograph.
  52. Hot ToeMolly: an emergency SALSA vascular lab consultation by SALSA vascular tech Molly Castrillo
  53. LepowSuction: Drainage of infection by the eponymous SALSA fellow
  54. Podagogue- pedantic generalizations and teachings made about ampuatation prevention and wound healing. This is the root of podagogy (noun).
  55. InTOEgration: living an interdisciplinary toe and flow lifestyle
  56. Digital Remaster: A particularly complex foot reconstruction
  57. ApopTOEsis: programmed toe death
  58. In Extensus Dedo: A dangerously prominent digit, prone to shoe gear irritation.
  59. Toepiary: a place where surgical irrigation meets surgical landscaping.
  60. Godfather of Sole: An honorific for one’s professional mentor(s)
  61. Un-Met need: Someone who, by virtue of having a neuropathic wound and profound deformity, requires a metatarsal head resection.
  62. Toe & Tell: Getting a proper medical history from a patient with a diabetic foot complication
  63. US 
  64. Toepocalypse: An impending diabetic foot calamity– such as the one that is waiting for us in the operating room when we write this blog.
  65. Vaya con Dedos: A parting wish upon leaving the SALSA clinics or operating room. “Go with Toes” (rather than without)
  66. Carpe Dedos: Sieze the Toe (while this may have come up before, Tim wanted to ensure it made the list).
  67. Hammertosis Fugax: A person with diabetes and blindness who develops a neuropathic wound on a contracted toe. This is not to be mistaken with Amaurosis Fugax, which is blindness due to transient retinal ischemia. The two may coexist, forming a dual fugue kind of scenario
  68. Missle Toe: a penetrating traumatic toe injury in a person with diabetes
  69. Turf Toe: a referral to SALSA without a solid medical rationale
  70. ManifesTOE: An operative report following an amputation prevention procedure (bypass or incision and drainage or graft/flap.
  71. Toemigo/Flowmigo (self explanatory)
  72. FreeToes with SALSA (mantra for limb salvage)
  73. Toebama and Joe the Plumber (nicknames designed to politicize the Toe and Flow team– however, there are no wedge issues in SALSA– just wedge pressures).
  74. Toe and Flowmance (bromance between podiatrist and vascular surgeon)
  75. The Toebel “piece” prize: Award for prevention periodically given for keeping a person intact.
  76. FloJoe (Armstrong’s affectionate nickname for Mills)
  77. Toe Bless Oblige (the obligation to improve foot care)
  78. Podshine
  79. Der DopplerGanger – referring to one’s vascular partner
  80. Sir I-Pod (international podiatrist)
  81. PodCaster
  82. Toe Mechanic
  83. SALSA Bowl (for our laboratories)
  84. Podiatric physician extender (given to our vascular surgical team)
  85. SALSA Relay: handing off a particularly challenging patient between SALSA team members.
  86. Non-life partner: one’s professional SALSA partner
  87. Marooned on the Pedal Peninsula: trying to heal a wound on the foot without sufficient blood flow.
  88. Impaired Toemerular Filtration Rate (TFR): End Stage Renal Disease’s ravages on healing.
  89. MalaPodism: diagnosing a foot problem incorrectly– or as something else.
  90. EuTOEpia: A state of podiatric and vascular bliss.
  91. Podtification: contemplation on a particularly difficult patient.
  92. Podogenic: A particularly impressive foot photograph
  93. Podigraphy: Medical imaging for the feet
  94. The Sole Train: A typically busy Armstrong-Mills tuesday SALSA clinic
  95. Sole searching: a particularly thorough foot examination
  96. Filet of Sole: the proper way to drain an extensive plantar space infection
  97. Plantar fascist: one who lines him or herself against a team approach to limb salvage.
  98. Toereador: one who fights diabetic foot infections
  99. Sourtoe roll: Patients with infections that tend to roll in on Friday afternoon.
  100. Toeligarchy (Flowligarchy)/singular: Toeligarch: The “Toe and Flow” team, run by benign digital despots.
  101. Podiatrust: faith in ones SALSA parter (from George Andros)
  102. EsperanTOE: the act of bringing different professional and patient communication systems into alignment (versus speaking in tongues). 
  103. FDA = Fungal Dedos Alliance
  104. Purulent Discharge leads to a Purulent Admission (courtesy of our Flowmigo Neal Barshes) – AKA time is tissue!
  105. “Lance” Armstrong (aka Sir lance-a-lot). Alternate monickers for David G. Armstrong (courtesy of SALSA Patient Mr. O)

There are many more. We will try to update this list periodically. Any suggestions? Send a note to:

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