The SALSA@USC Visiting Scholars Program

The SALSA Visiting Scholars Program at the University of Southern California


Visiting scholars who are visiting for longer than 30 days enjoy:  (a) library privileges identical with those of the faculty; (b) the privilege of auditing classes without fee or record, as space allows; (c) the privilege of attending and taking part in seminars; and (d) the use of laboratory and other space and facilities to the extent they are available.  In addition, Visiting Scholars may purchase faculty and parking permits and tickets to Artist Series events at faculty rates.

The Department of Surgery does not have the funds for reimbursement or stipends and understand that you will be arriving on your own funding.  The amount of funds the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service requires should be at least $1,680 per month for yourself, with an additional $590 per month for each dependent accompanying you, if applicable.  If you are using personal funds for your support, I will need a letter from your bank verifying you have the funds.  If you will be receiving your salary, please have an official of your company verify the amount in writing to me.  The Office of International Faculty and Scholars at The University will not process your application without funding verification.

A DS-2019 Request form has to be completed for a J-1 Visa prior to visiting.  Please refer here for information on the mandatory health insurance requirement for the J-1 Exchange Visitor.  Failure to maintain the required insurance will result in termination of your exchange visitor program by The University.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires that you produce documents that authorize you to be in the United States.  On your arrival to the Center, you must present to the department original documents to establish (1) true identity and (2) eligibility to be in the United States.  Please consult with the Department of Surgery’s Personnel Office upon your arrival for further information regarding this requirement.

Please also send your updated CV, a copy of your passport and any dependents that will be traveling with you, a copy of immunizations received in addition to the documents requested above.

If you have any questions during this process, please do not hesitate to send an email to

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