Routine bacterial culture of proximal bone specimens during minor amputation in patients with DFI has little clinical utility in predicting re-operation or healing @ALPSlimb #ActAgainstAmputation #DiabeticFoot

Bone cultures? Clean margins for pathology? Both? These data from Voon and colleagues add more fuel to the discussionBackground: Trans-phalangeal and trans-metatarsal amputation, collectively termed 'minor amputations' are important procedures for managing infections of diabetes-related foot ulcers (DFU). Following minor amputation, international guidelines recommend a prolonged course of antibiotics if residual infected bone on intra-operative... Continue Reading →

More specialties, fewer problems. How using “collaborative competencies” of Infectious Diseases, Podiatric Surgery and Pathology in teams improve care of diabetic foot osteomyelitis @japmafeettweets @idsainfo

Strong work from the superb team at the Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston. Look at the pre and post data on care of osteomyelitis! Bottom line: teamwork works, worldwide. Background: Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis (DFO) is a common infection where treatment involves multiple services including Infectious Disease (ID), Podiatry, and Pathology. Despite its ubiquity in the hospital,... Continue Reading →

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