Effect of Exercise Volume on Plantar Microcirculation and Tissue Hardness in People With Type 2 Diabetes

While only about 10-15% of the patients had peripheral neuropathy and were, therefore, at risk for ulceration, these data from Ren and coworkers are nonetheless compelling. Perhaps a subsequent study for high risk patients? Objective: Exercise has been reported to be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes (T2DM), but exercise, especially weight-bearing exercise, may increase... Continue Reading →

Stratification of Microvascular Disease Severity in the Foot Using Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging

Work from our combined UofA and USC team with our colleagues at Modulim. Samuel Jett 1, Mallory R Thompson 2, Shubhangi Awasthi 2, David J Cuccia 1, Tze-Woei Tan 2, David G Armstrong 3, Amaan Mazhar 1, Craig C Weinkauf 2 Background: Microvascular disease (MVD) describes systemic changes in the small vessels (~100 um diameter) that impair tissue oxygenation and perfusion. MVD is a common but poorly monitored complication of diabetes.... Continue Reading →

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