Metagenomics of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Undergoing Treatment with Total Contact Casting (TCC) @USC_vascular @USC @ALPSlimb @CosmosID

This initial look into what may be a routine survey of metagenomic data from week to week. Led by FASMA's Adam Isaac, CosmosID's (National Science Foundation Director Emerita) Prof. Rita Colwell and our team. Objective: Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) are characterised by the presence of many microbes, some of which may not be identified by traditional... Continue Reading →

Wheeled Knee Walkers (WKW): Alterations to plantar loading and ankle range of motion of the contralateral foot during assisted walking 

Intriguing work from Anguijano-Hernandez and coworkers from University of Nebraska-Omaha Aims: Patients with diabetic foot ulcers are instructed to be non-weight bearing on the affected limb to promote healing. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of different assistive devices on whole foot plantar loading, peak forefoot force, ankle range of motion,... Continue Reading →

Personalized Offloading Treatments for Healing Plantar Diabetic Foot Ulcers @alpslimb #DiabeticFoot #ActAgainstAmputation @NIDDK

Important and subtle work from Gustav Jarl and coworkers in Sweden and Australia. It speaks to the trend to be doing things with our patients and not to them. Background: Non-removable knee-high devices are the gold-standard offloading treatments to heal plantar diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs). These devices are underused in practice for a variety of reasons.... Continue Reading →

Ex-Nike designer builds a boot that could prevent 80,000 amputations a year- FROM @FASTCOMPANY #ActAgainstAmputation @alpslimb #DiabeticFoot

Via FastCompany and Mark Wilson. Congratulations to Jason Hanft, Michael DiTullo and team. When patient centric design meets good quality offloading, good things happen. also... here is a great podcast with Neil de Grasse Tyson featuring this topic, as well. When a career podiatrist teamed up with a former designer from Nike, they created a... Continue Reading →

Accelerating innovation in the diabetic foot market with Azure Health Data Services @drhew @ALPSlimb @SensoriaInc #ActAgainstAmputation @Azure #C2SHiP

This just published by the Azure/Microsoft Health and Life Sciences Janna Templin Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Health and Life Sciences This blog post has been co-authored by Sharlene Jerome, Manager of Marketing and Communications, Sensoria Health This blog is part of a series in collaboration with our partners and customers leveraging the newly announced Azure Health Data... Continue Reading →

Offloading treatment in people with diabetic foot disease: A systematic scoping review on adherence to foot offloading @ALPSLimb #ActAgainstAmputation

This from our colleagues at Charing Cross Hospital. Offloading treatment in people with diabetic foot disease: A systematic scoping review on adherence to foot offloading Highlights A review of adherence to offloading treatment for people with diabetes and foot disease.• Adherence to offloading treatment is influenced by biological and psychosocial factors.• Abnormal gait and postural... Continue Reading →

Researchers publish first successful “smart boot” study regarding diabetes-related wounds @NIDDK @NIH #ACTAGAINSTAMPUTATION @USC @KECKMEDUSC @BCMSURGERY @SENSORIAINC

This posted to Keck Medicine of USC HSC News Researchers publish first successful “smart boot” study regarding diabetes-related wounds David Armstrong, PhD, DPM (Photo/Ricardo Carrasco) As part of its partnership with Center to Stream Healthcare in Place (C2SHIP), Keck Medicine of USC has developed a new, interactive smart boot to help diabetic patients recover from dangerous... Continue Reading →

Factors associated with adherence to using removable cast walker treatment among patients with diabetes-related foot ulcers @alpslimb #ActAgainstAmputation #Offloading

Superb work from our Jordanian/Aussie SALSAmigos. The data are almost identical to work done by our team in the early days of wearables in 2003 using similar methodology. Bottom line: Removable devices often remain removed (about 70% of the time) unless we do something with our patient and not to them! Anas Ababneh 1 2 3, Kathleen Finlayson 2 3, Helen Edwards 2 3, Peter... Continue Reading →

Custom-made footwear designed for indoor use increases short-term and long-term adherence in people with diabetes at high ulcer risk #ActAgainstAmputation #Shoes #DiabeticFoot @diabetesRC

Important work from our Dutch SALSAmigos. Can it help guide us to work with our patients to improve adherence and #ActAgainstAmputation? Renske Keukenkamp, Jaap J van Netten, Tessa E Busch-Westbroek, Sicco A BusCorrespondence to Dr Sicco A Bus; Introduction To explore changes in footwear adherence following provision of custom-made indoor footwear in people with diabetes at high risk for plantar... Continue Reading →

Team from tech, prosthetics and @KeckMedUSC become first to win Innovation Award for “Smart Boot” @CES

A trio of experts from tech, prosthetics and academic medicine were acknowledged with an Innovation Award at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (#CES2019) in Las Vegas Nevada this week for their work in developing a "Smart Boot" to heal diabetic wounds. "It is a great privilege to be given this award for the SBi Motus... Continue Reading →

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