A wound alkalinity measurement to predict non-healing wound outcomes: A literal litmus test #Diagnostics #Theragnostics #WoundHealiing #Diabetic Foot

Again, a literal litmus test to help guide therapy. From Senkowsky and coworkers in JWC More work can be found here and here and here and here (etc). Abstract Objective: As wound pH could influence wound healing rates, this study examined the alkalinity of the entire wound during patients' follow-up visits to predict the final non-healing... Continue Reading →

The effect of inflammation management on pH, temperature, and bacterial burden #ActAgainstAmputation #WoundHealing

Important work from Derwin and coworkers in Zena Moore's group. The aim of this feasibility study was to investigate the impact of inflammation management on wound pH, temperature, and bacterial burden, using the principles of TIME and Wound Bed Preparation. A quantitative non-comparative, prospective, descriptive observational design. Following ethical approval, 26 participants with 27 wounds... Continue Reading →

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