Harnessing Probiotics: A Leap Towards Managing Diabetic Foot Infections?

Harnessing Probiotics: A Leap Towards Alleviating Diabetic Foot Infections In the battle against diabetic foot infections, a beacon of hope emerges from the heart of Baghdad. A recent manuscript published in the Iraqi Journal of Science, penned by Haneen Majid Abdulkareem AlAsadi and Khalid Jaber Kadhum Luti from the Department of Biotechnology, College of Science,... Continue Reading →

Gut Dysbiosis and Diabetic Foot Ulcer: Role of Probiotics @ALPSLimb #Nutrition

As we continue to explore the complex interaction between us and our microbial/bacterial overlords, here is another addition to the literature Gut Dysbiosis and Diabetic Foot Ulcer: Role of Probiotics Citation: Awasthi, A.; Corrie, L.; Vishwas, S.; Gulati, M.; Kumar, B.; Chellappan, D.K.; Gupta, G.; Eri, R.D.; Dua, K.; Singh, S.K. Gut Dysbiosis and Diabetic... Continue Reading →

Probiotics and the gut-wound axis

Here is more cogent information to support the contention that we might consider adding bacteria rather than just removing it. To (again) use a military analogy, what one might describe as "clear, hold, and build" rather than just "clear". A Review of Immunomodulatory Reprogramming by Probiotics in Combating Chronic and Acute Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFUs)... Continue Reading →

Can adding friendly bacteria after wound debridement help wound healing? Study suggests yes.

Compelling data from Aybar and coworkers suggests that debridement plus addition of Lactiplantibacillus may improve macrophage polarity as well as improve healing. To be continued! Abstract This work aimed to evaluate the adjuvant treatment to surgical debridement using topical applications of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum ATCC 10241 cultures in complicated diabetic foot ulcers as compared to diabetic foot ulcers... Continue Reading →

Can probiotics improve healing of diabetic foot ulcers? Results from a randomized controlled trial

This fascinating work from Mohseni and coworkers seems to support the contention that our bacterial overlords have more power over us than we'd like to let on. Perhaps we should further consider submitting? Patients with a diabetic foot ulcer who received probiotic supplementation for 12 weeks experienced faster wound healing coupled with an improved glycemic... Continue Reading →

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