Smart Offloading Boot System for Remote Patient Monitoring: Toward Adherence Reinforcement + Proper Physical Activity Prescription for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Patients @NIDDK @NIH #ActAgainstAmputation @USC @KeckMedUSC @bcmsurgery @sensoriainc

This just published in JDST highlights the first ever smart boot system designed to explore the boundaries of boosting adherence to care in people with diabetic foot ulcers. Catherine Park 1 2 3, Ramkinker Mishra 1, Davide Vigano 4, Maurizio Macagno 4, Stefano Rossotti 4, Karen D'Huyvetter 5, Jason Garcia 5, David G Armstrong 5 6, Bijan Najafi 1 Background: A critical factor in healing diabetic foot ulcers is patient adherence to offloading devices. We tested... Continue Reading →

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