Stratification of Microvascular Disease Severity in the Foot Using Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging

Work from our combined UofA and USC team with our colleagues at Modulim. Samuel Jett 1, Mallory R Thompson 2, Shubhangi Awasthi 2, David J Cuccia 1, Tze-Woei Tan 2, David G Armstrong 3, Amaan Mazhar 1, Craig C Weinkauf 2 Background: Microvascular disease (MVD) describes systemic changes in the small vessels (~100 um diameter) that impair tissue oxygenation and perfusion. MVD is a common but poorly monitored complication of diabetes.... Continue Reading →

Steal syndrome from a superficial circumflex iliac perforator artery flap in a patient with a hypoplastic posterior tibial artery and severe diabetic peripheral artery disease

This just published from our group in Oxford's Journal of Surgical Case Reports The use of free flaps in lower extremity reconstructive surgery has seen growing adoption for treating tissue loss in patients with diabetes mellitus and peripheral artery disease as a means for limb preservation. The superficial circumflex iliac perforator artery (SCIP) flap is... Continue Reading →

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