Health Care Service and Outcomes Among an Estimated 6.7 Million Ambulatory Care Diabetic Foot Cases in the U.S. 

This from our @UofA / @BCM, UTSouthwestern and Oklahoma SALSA team. 6.7 million diabetic foot ulcers, 785 million diabetes-related outpatient visits and 5.5 billion visits overall suggest that diabetic foot ulcers are common, complex, and costly. Compare this frequently silent and sinister problem to CHF, MI, stroke. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate ambulatory clinical cases of diabetic foot... Continue Reading →

Nokia Debuts Diabetes Prevention Initiative in India: Simple Solutions, Greater Benefits

SMS to the Massess: Nokia Aims a Continuous Stream for Lifestyle/Behavioral ChangesEmory University, Biocon, Lifescan & Aetna back a multinational collaborative to target the epidemic of diabetes in India. These institutions are providing financial and research support to the Nokia led partnership with Arogya World (US based Non-Profit), aimed at raising awareness about diabetes and... Continue Reading →

Overview of the RANKL OPG Pathway Authorship: Nicholas A. Giovinco Julia Bernardini David G. Armstrong The Receptor Activator for Nuclear Factor kappa B Ligand is believed to be an important molecule of bone metabolism. This is a natural and necessary surface-bound molecule on several types of cells, and serves to activate osteoclasts. Overproduction of RANKL is implicated in a variety... Continue Reading →

Evolving Guidelines: Diagnosis of Diabetes

A recent consensus statement from an expert panel convened by the American Diabetes Association, European Association for the Study of Diabetes, and the International Diabetes Federation, is now recommending the routine use of A1c for the diagnosis of diabetes, citing it's superiority to the FPG and 2HPG.In short, the recommendations are:A1c >6.5% = diabetesA1c 6.0... Continue Reading →

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