Nokia Debuts Diabetes Prevention Initiative in India: Simple Solutions, Greater Benefits

SMS to the Massess: Nokia Aims a Continuous Stream for Lifestyle/Behavioral Changes

Emory University, Biocon, Lifescan & Aetna back a multinational collaborative to target the epidemic of diabetes in India. These institutions are providing financial and research support to the Nokia led partnership with Arogya World (US based Non-Profit), aimed at raising awareness about diabetes and its prevention through text messages and hopes to reach one million consumers in rural and urban India over the next two years.

This is based on the powerful Nokia Life Tools platform, which is currently selectively available in Asia & Africa. This is a targeted public-private initiative that could save lives. The underlying philosophy is encouraging people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, through a simple, user-friendly and sustained educational stream. “This will be like the RSS Feed for people’s next meal choice, exercise reminder and self monitoring”, a common motto here at our SALSA unit.

Full story, here.. (Courtesy: MobiHealth News)

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