Disparities that Cut Deep: Understanding the Social Determinants Behind Amputation Rates in the US #DiabetesAwarenessMonth #ActAgainstAmputation #ALPSlimb #HealthDisparities #SocioeconomicFactors #HealthcareAccess #SDOH

The Intersection of Health Equity and Limb Preservation The recent study by Kassavin et al., published in 2023, illuminates a critical public health issue: the varying rates of amputations across different communities and the underlying social factors that contribute to these disparities. #AmputationPrevention #SocialDeterminantsOfHealth #PublicHealth #LimbSalvage Disparities That Cut Deep The research found that counties... Continue Reading →

From the New York Times: The Diabetic foot and amputations as a measure of our nation’s health system #ActAgainstAmputation #ALPSlimb #NYT

A tour de force by the NYT's Nick Kristof One of the solutions? Expansion of medicare/medicaid services. This fits so very well with work from our collective team. When foot care was removed during the economic crisis of 2008, diabetic amputation, sepsis and death increased. When foot care was expanded in Affordable Care Act early... Continue Reading →

Medial Arterial Calcification Score is Associated with Increased Risk of Major Limb Amputation #DiabeticFoot #ActAgainstAmputation #Diabetes #PAD #CLTI

Congratulations to our combined UNC and USC team led by Kate McGinigle and Alex DiBartolomeo. This provides further data supporting the use of medial arterial calcification (MAC) score as a useful surrogate for risk. Alexander D DiBartolomeo 1, Sydney E Browder 2, Sebouh Bazikian 1, Diwash Thapa 2, Sooyeon Kim 2, Avital Yohann 2, David... Continue Reading →

Outcomes after minor lower limb amputation for peripheral arterial disease and diabetes: population-based cohort study #ActAgainstAmputation @ALPSlimb @BJSurgery

Strong work from our colleagues in Hull, Stoke, and London. These data line up well with previous works from our team and others. Published in: British Journal of Surgery Date of Publication: 22 May 2023 This study aimed to evaluate the rates of re-amputation and death following an initial minor amputation among patients with diabetes... Continue Reading →

The Impact of Implementing a Diabetic Limb-Preservation Program on Amputation Outcomes at an Academic Institution in a Majority-Minority State

This is important work from our SALSAmigo and former fellow, the pride of University of New Mexico, Eric Lew. Summary: Abstract Healthcare institutions with dedicated limb-preservation teams see lower amputation rates and improved quality of care.This study evaluated the results of a diabetic limb-preservation program implemented at an academic institution.Patients with diabetes admitted for osteomyelitis... Continue Reading →

We need to do better: Real-World Racial Variation in Treatment and Outcomes Among Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease ActAgainstAmputation #DiabeticFoot @ALPSlimb @USC @USC_vascular @ResearchatUSC @KeckSchool_USC @CouncilPVD

This study from our combined Tulane and USC teams. In summary: Black patients with PAD and health insurance were nearly 50% more likely not to receive a bypass. We need to collectively do better. For immediate release Real-World Study Reveals Racial Disparities in Peripheral Artery Disease Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcomes A study conducted by a... Continue Reading →

Loss of Insurance Leads to Loss of Limb: An Eye-opening Study in the Annals of Vascular Surgery ActAgainstAmputation #DiabeticFoot @ALPSlimb @USC @USC_vascular @ResearchatUSC @KeckSchool_USC @AVSgJournal

Loss of Insurance Leads to Loss of Limb: An Eye-opening Study in the Annals of Vascular Surgery April 8, 2023 - A significant study recently published in the Annals of Vascular Surgery has uncovered a troubling correlation between loss of health insurance coverage and increased risk of amputation. Led by Dr. Tze Woei Tan, a... Continue Reading →

New Study Reveals Racial Disparities in Treatment and Outcomes for Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease ActAgainstAmputation #DiabeticFoot @ALPSlimb @USC @USC_vascular @ResearchatUSC @KeckSchool_USC

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Study Reveals Racial Disparities in Treatment and Outcomes for Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease Los Angeles, CA - March 10, 2023 - Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) have published a new study in the journal Advanced Therapeutics revealing significant disparities in the treatment and outcomes for patients with... Continue Reading →

Senescent Diabetic Foot Disease: Upstream comprehensive management of individuals with diabetes with multimorbidity and frailty to #ActAgainstAmputation #DiabeticFoot @ALPSlimb @USC @USC_vascular @ResearchatUSC @KeckSchool_USC @VirginiePhD_POD @AeroMD

This manuscript from our combined Quebec/ Palermo / USC family. Virginie Blanchette, David G. Armstrong, Laura Drudi and Manfredi Rizzo This manuscript constitutes a commentary on: “Retrospective cohort study of long-term outcomes and prognostic factors for survival after lower extremity amputation in patients with diabetes” by Vuorlaakso et al. (2023). We aim to contribute to... Continue Reading →

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