New wearable sensor detects even more compounds in human sweat @Caltech @WeiGaoLab #C2SHiP @NSF

From our friend and colleague Wei Gao and colleagues at Caltech If you have ever had your blood drawn, whether to check your cholesterol, kidney function, hormone levels, blood sugar, or as part of a general checkup, you might have wondered why there is not an easier, less painful way. Now there might be. A... Continue Reading →

All-printed soft human-machine interface for robotic physicochemical sensing #WearableRobots #SoftRobotics #EpidermalElectronics @caltech @WeiGaoLab @SciRobotics #C2SHiP @NSF

Important work from our friend and colleague Wei Gao and coworkers. Here's to building the infrastructure to help measure what we manage and help move through the world a little better! Ultrasensitive multimodal physicochemical sensing for autonomous robotic decision-making has numerous applications in agriculture, security, environmental protection, and public health. Previously reported robotic sensing technologies... Continue Reading →

Reading Minds With Ultrasound: Caltech’s New Brain–Machine Interface

Via SciTech Daily What is happening in your brain as you are scrolling through this page? In other words, which areas of your brain are active, which neurons are talking to which others, and what signals are they sending to your muscles? Mapping neural activity to corresponding behaviors is a major goal for neuroscientists developing... Continue Reading →

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