‘Smart’ Bandages Monitor Wounds and Provide Targeted Treatment @Caltech @USC ActAgainstAmputation #DiabeticFoot @ALPSlimb @USC_vascular @ResearchatUSC @KeckSchool_USC

This release regarding a manuscript published by our combined Caltech/USC team led by our SALSAmigo, Wei Gao.

Also see this from the Guardian newspaper.

Summary: A recent study from Caltech and USC reports that smart bandages equipped with biosensors could significantly improve the healing process of chronic wounds. These high-tech bandages monitor wounds in real-time and alert healthcare professionals of any changes or infections. Researchers have developed a prototype of the smart bandage that contains a miniaturized sensor array, which measures temperature, pH levels, and bacterial presence. This information is relayed to clinicians, allowing them to adapt treatment plans accordingly. It may also deliver drugs to the area as needed. The bandage has the potential to reduce treatment costs and improve the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers and pressure sores.

And see this great story featuring Dr. Gao’s lab and our unit at USC from Voice of America, Russian Language.

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