We need to do better: Real-World Racial Variation in Treatment and Outcomes Among Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease ActAgainstAmputation #DiabeticFoot @ALPSlimb @USC @USC_vascular @ResearchatUSC @KeckSchool_USC @CouncilPVD

This study from our combined Tulane and USC teams. In summary: Black patients with PAD and health insurance were nearly 50% more likely not to receive a bypass. We need to collectively do better. For immediate release Real-World Study Reveals Racial Disparities in Peripheral Artery Disease Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcomes A study conducted by a... Continue Reading →

@USC Prof. David G. Armstrong honored with Distinguished Investigator Award at Association for Clinical and Translational Research ActAgainstAmputation #DiabeticFoot @ALPSlimb @USC @USC_vascular @ResearchatUSC @KeckSchool_USC

https://youtu.be/P1qv0Qg_EWM The ACTS Distinguished Investigator Award for Translation from Proof of Concept toWidespread Clinical Practice recognizes the senior investigator whose innovative research oreducation leadership has had a major impact on or through clinical and translational science,specifically in the realm of implementation and dissemination of translational solutions to illnessand clinical problems.  For Immediate Release David G.... Continue Reading →

‘Smart’ Bandages Monitor Wounds and Provide Targeted Treatment @Caltech @USC ActAgainstAmputation #DiabeticFoot @ALPSlimb @USC_vascular @ResearchatUSC @KeckSchool_USC

This release regarding a manuscript published by our combined Caltech/USC team led by our SALSAmigo, Wei Gao. Also see this from the Guardian newspaper. Summary: A recent study from Caltech and USC reports that smart bandages equipped with biosensors could significantly improve the healing process of chronic wounds. These high-tech bandages monitor wounds in real-time... Continue Reading →

Armstrong Becomes First Podiatric Surgeon To Win @USCStevens Innovation Award @USC @USCProvost

David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and Director of the USC Limb Preservation Program became the first podiatric surgeon to be awarded the 2020 USC Stevens Center Innovation Award. The award, which acknowledges top USC innovators, was given to Armstrong for his patent, “Method for Treating Subjects Suffering From Chronic Ulcers”, which was Licensed earlier... Continue Reading →

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