Usability of Different Methods to Assess and Improve Adherence to Therapeutic Footwear in Persons with the Diabetic Foot in Remission. A Systematic Review #ActAgainstAmputation #Adherence #Compliance

This is an important systematic review by our SALSAmigos at Madrid's Complutense led by Prof. JL Lazaro-Martinez. Abstract Therapeutic footwear (TF) has been demonstrated to decrease the rate of recurrence in patients in remission. TF adherence determines the real effect of such treatment and, therefore, an appropriate evaluation of TF adherence is critical to decrease... Continue Reading →

Effects of wear and tear of therapeutic footwear in patients remission. A 5-year follow-up study #ActAgainstAmputation

More wonderful work from our long-time SALSAmigos from the Complutense in Madrid. Aims to assesses the relationship between the wear and tear of therapeutic footwear (TF) and the risk of recurrence in diabetes remission patients. Methods Remission patients (N=115) participated in this 5-year prospective study in a specialized Diabetic Foot Unit between October 2016 and... Continue Reading →

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