Effects of wear and tear of therapeutic footwear in patients remission. A 5-year follow-up study #ActAgainstAmputation

More wonderful work from our long-time SALSAmigos from the Complutense in Madrid.


to assesses the relationship between the wear and tear of therapeutic footwear (TF) and the risk of recurrence in diabetes remission patients.


Remission patients (N=115) participated in this 5-year prospective study in a specialized Diabetic Foot Unit between October 2016 and January 2022. Patients’ TF was assessed in a three-month interval from Day 0 until ulcer recurrence was found. Primary outcome measure was based on the recurrent event in the forefoot.


A total of 82 patients (71.3%) renewed their TF, and 33 patients (28.7%) did not renew their TF during the follow-up period. Patients who failed to renew their TF group experienced more recurrent events (22 vs 14, p <.001, CI [0.04-0.259]) and minor amputations (11 vs 8, p = .002, CI [0.07-0.6]). Both groups showed different recurrence-free survival median times of 205.5 [Interquartile range (IQR) – 188-222] weeks and 89.9 [IQR – 53-126] weeks. Patients who did not renew their TF increased their risk of suffering from a recurrent event in the Cox regression model (p < .001, CI [0.03-0.38], Hazzard Ratio 0.147).


Patients who renewed their TF because of wear and tear experienced lower recurrences and minor amputations.

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