Apples and oranges? A comparison of BEST-CLI to BASIL-2 #JVascSurg #UCSFVascular

Insightful, data-rich commentary as expected from our flowmigos Conte and O'Banion The Battle of the Limb Preservation Trials: BEST-CLI vs. BASIL-2 Two major randomized clinical trials comparing endovascular and open surgical approaches for patients with chronic limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI) - BEST-CLI and BASIL-2 - reported seemingly contradictory results recently. In the larger BEST-CLI trial, patients... Continue Reading →

Outcomes of integrated surgical wound treatment mode based on tibial transverse transport for diabetic foot wound #ActAgainstAmputation @ALPSLimb #DiabeticFoot

Congratulations to Chang and coworkers on this effort. This makes us want to reach back to work from our team a dozen or so years ago, where we failed to really explore this fascinating area of creating, in essence, a distress signal in the bone leading to upregulation of factors that can potentially help toward... Continue Reading →

Lower Extremity Venous Arterialization (LEVA): Present at the Creation @HENDOLAT #DiabeticFoot #ToeFlowandGo #LEVA

As a very interested vascular customer at the end of the vascular peninsula, I've been personally fascinated with my vascular colleagues' work in revisiting venous arterialization. To that end, about a year ago, I proposed a consortium of folks that were doing the most active thinking in the area. This included the team from Bergamo,... Continue Reading →

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