Lower Extremity Venous Arterialization (LEVA): Present at the Creation @HENDOLAT #DiabeticFoot #ToeFlowandGo #LEVA

As a very interested vascular customer at the end of the vascular peninsula, I’ve been personally fascinated with my vascular colleagues’ work in revisiting venous arterialization. To that end, about a year ago, I proposed a consortium of folks that were doing the most active thinking in the area. This included the team from Bergamo, Italy, Baylor, Houston and USC (among others).

Today, at HENDOLAT, I had the great and good fortune of (again) hearing my colleague Roberto Ferraresi speak on his and Andrea Casini’s experience. His talk was so very elegant as usual. I include a couple of slides here. During our discussion in late 2018 and in February of this year, I had proposed this acronym (LEVA) as a means of simplifying jargon and moving forward with further efforts. As someone who has been lucky enough to have been present at the creation of quite a few acronyms over the years (Toe and Flow / Toe Flow and Go /WIFI / SALSA / CLEAR / CDFE, et al), I know how important it is to memorialize this. So consider this that memorialization! Long live LEVA and let’s work to #ActAgainstAmputation!

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