Adherence to at-Home Monitoring of Foot Temperatures in People with Diabetes at High Risk of Ulceration #Thermometry #Remission #DiabeticFoot #ActAgainstAmputation

Data reported by Rovers and coworkers on 151 people in diabetic foot remission from our colleagues under the aegis of Sicco Bus and Jaap Van Netten. Bottom line: like with glucose monitoring (particularly in its early days) adherence to thermometry is spotty (56.6% adhering to daily checks at 18 months). We aimed to investigate adherence... Continue Reading →

Is a Left-to-Right >2.2°C Difference a Valid Measurement to Predict Diabetic Foot Ulceration in People in Diabetic Foot Remision? #Thermometry

Terrific work from Featherson and coworkers lending further light on the role (and limitations) of thermometry/thermography in predicting reulceration in diabetic foot remission Monitoring foot skin temperatures at home have been shown to be effective at preventing the occurrence of diabetic foot ulcers. In this study, the construct validity of using >2.2°C difference between contralateral... Continue Reading →

Thermometry reduces risk for reucleration in remission– in patients who reduce their activity

Important work from Sicco Bus, et al. published in BMJ Diabetes This RCT (DIATEMP) suggests that it's not enough just to know that you've a preulcerative hot spot-- but you need to do something about it. In this case, patients were told to reduce activity. Effectiveness of at-home skin temperature monitoring in reducing the incidence... Continue Reading →

What is the “normal” wound bed temperature? A scoping review and new hypothesis @NUIGalway #ActAgainstAmputation @alpslimb #woundhealing #DiabeticFoot

Superb work from Georgina Gethin and team at NUI Galway. Can a wound have a "normal" temperature? Can it be "febrile"? Wound bed temperature measurement holds the potential to be a safe, easy to use, and low‐cost tool to aid objective wound bed assessment, clinical decision making and improved patient outcomes. However, there is no... Continue Reading →

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