What is the “normal” wound bed temperature? A scoping review and new hypothesis @NUIGalway #ActAgainstAmputation @alpslimb #woundhealing #DiabeticFoot

Superb work from Georgina Gethin and team at NUI Galway. Can a wound have a “normal” temperature? Can it be “febrile”?

Wound bed temperature measurement holds the potential to be a safe, easy to use, and low‐cost tool to aid objective wound bed assessment, clinical decision making and improved patient outcomes. However, there is no consensus on the normal range of wound bed temperature in chronic wounds. We conducted a scoping review including any study type, from 2010 to 2020 in which chronic wound bed temperature was reported. Thirteen studies including 477 patients met our criteria. Venous ulcers (VLU) accounted for 46.5% (n = 222) of wounds; diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) for 25.4% (n = 121) with pressure ulcers (PU), mixed arterial venous ulcers (MAVLU) and unknown aetiology accounting for the remainder. The weighted mean of means for wound bed temperature was 31.7°C (n = 395) for all wound types; 31.7°C for VLU; 31.6°C for DFU; 33.3°C for PU; 30.9°C for MAVLU; and 32.0°C for those with unknown aetiology. Based on our review we hypothesise that normal wound bed temperature is within a range of 30.2–33.0 °C.

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