The Impact of Diabetic Foot Complications on Mortality in Type 2 Diabetes #ActAgainstAmputation #DiabeticFoot

Unveiling the Link Between Diabetic Foot Complications and Increased Mortality Risk An important study by Stedman et al. (2023), featured in Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism, sheds light on the often-overlooked impact of diabetic foot complications on mortality rates among individuals with type 2 diabetes (T2D). This study not only quantifies the mortality outcomes linked to... Continue Reading →

Are #Pedicures Safe for People with #Diabetes?

This from an article I wrote in Medscape. As clinicians, we often find ourselves navigating the intricate web of medical and lifestyle considerations to ensure the optimal well-being of our patients with diabetes. Among the myriad of queries, a common one pertains to the safety of pedicures and leg massages for individuals afflicted with this... Continue Reading →

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