Diabetes Causes More Amputations then Landmines: A Call To Arms to Save Limbs

Some years ago, we compared diabetes-related amputations to cancer in terms of 5 year mortality. Now, a no less compelling comparison has emerged. The scourge of unexploded ordinance-- particularly landimines-- has been evident since at least the end of WWII. Literally hundreds of non-governmental organizations and celebrities have rallied around this entirely preventable problem in... Continue Reading →

Marker for Heart Attack Risk May Also Predict Bone Infection in Diabetes: Researchers

The same test now frequently used to assess risk for heart disease may now help prevent amputations according to researchers at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in Chicago and the University of Arizona. "The results of this study, led by Dr. Adam Fleischer, were somewhat surprising to us", noted David G. Armstrong, Professor... Continue Reading →

MRSA, Superbugs and SALSA: Where do we go from here?

With the ever increasing rise in prevalence of "superbugs" and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcal species in hospitals, clinics and public/private places around the world, it seems that both clinicians and their patients have taken a significant interest in this area. Recently, we developed a series of lectures on this topic it is available here.  Enjoy. 

Now taking requests

In putting this blog together, we have surprisingly already been contacted with requests from clinicians and people with diabetes. To that end, we would formally announce that we are happy to expound on any issue related to diabetes, wound healing, and amputation prevention put out there. To that end, as per request, here is the... Continue Reading →

Rapid Response Diabetic Foot Team Skill Set

In the work we have been doing with the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) along with our own work at SALSA, we have proposed the following key skill set for any "rapid response team" dedicated to amputation prevention: Ability to perform site-appropriate culture technique Ability to perform vascular work-upAbility to perform revascularization, as necessary Ability to perform... Continue Reading →

Health Care Service and Outcomes Among an Estimated 6.7 Million Ambulatory Care Diabetic Foot Cases in the U.S. 

This from our @UofA / @BCM, UTSouthwestern and Oklahoma SALSA team. 6.7 million diabetic foot ulcers, 785 million diabetes-related outpatient visits and 5.5 billion visits overall suggest that diabetic foot ulcers are common, complex, and costly. Compare this frequently silent and sinister problem to CHF, MI, stroke. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate ambulatory clinical cases of diabetic foot... Continue Reading →

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