Rapid Response Diabetic Foot Team Skill Set

In the work we have been doing with the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) along with our own work at SALSA, we have proposed the following key skill set for any “rapid response team” dedicated to amputation prevention:

  1.  Ability to perform site-appropriate culture technique
  2.  Ability to perform vascular work-up
  3. Ability to perform revascularization, as necessary
  4.  Ability to perform neurologic workup
  5.  Ability to perform wound assessment and staging/grading of infection
  6.   Ability to perform site-specific bedside and intraoperative incision and debridement
  7.   Ability to begin and modify culture- and patient- appropriate antibiotic therapy

Let us know what you think. We plan on writing this up in short order. 

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