Diabetes Causes More Amputations then Landmines: A Call To Arms to Save Limbs

Some years ago, we compared diabetes-related amputations to cancer in terms of 5 year mortality. Now, a no less compelling comparison has emerged. The scourge of unexploded ordinance– particularly landimines– has been evident since at least the end of WWII. Literally hundreds of non-governmental organizations and celebrities have rallied around this entirely preventable problem in a laudable and noble effort to stem the tide. 

Compare this to diabetes-related amputations.
Every 30 minutes, there is a landmine-related casualty.
Every 30 seconds, there is a diabetes-related amputation. 
Let’s make a difference.
Some time ago, we began putting together a manuscript on this subject, which is now in press in the International Wound Journal. 
A fine piece has already made it into the Times of London . Our manuscript has been accepted and will be published in the International Wound Journal in 2009. 

Bharara, Mills, Rilo, Armstrong, “Diabetes and Landmine-Related Amputations: A Call to Arms to Save Limbs”, Int W. Journal, 2009


David G. Armstrong

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  • This article brings to light the fact that is often over-shadowed. Diabetes – while not as shocking as traumatic causes of amputation – is the leading cause of amputation worldwide.Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call to those in positions of power and those with authority to award grant funding.

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