APMA and SVS Hold Historic Meeting

(left to right) APMA Exec. Dir. Glenn Gastwirth, DPM; David Armstrong,
DPM, PhD; APMA Pres. Ross Taubman, DPM; SVS Pres. Pat Clagett, MD; SVS
Exec. Dir. Becky Maron; Joseph Mills, MD, SVS Exec. Comm.; DFCon Co-chair George Andros, MD; KCI Senior Manager Wayne Zefeldt.
Wednesday February 11, 2009

APMA Meets with Vascular Surgeons

The APMA Daily eNews


APMA Meets with Vascular Surgeons
APMA and representatives of the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) met
for the first time on Monday in Tucson, AZ, to begin exploring ways in
which our respective organizations can work collaboratively to care
for our patients, especially those with diabetes.

The Society for Vascular Surgery was represented by Pat Clagett, MD,
president of SVS and chairman, Division of Vascular Surgery, head,
Section of Vascular Surgery, and professor with the Department of
Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in
Dallas; Joseph Mills, MD, a member of the SVS Executive Committee and
chief, Section of Vascular Surgery, professor of surgery, director,
Vascular Fellowship Program associate head, Surgery Education Arizona
Health Sciences Center Department of Surgery; George Andros, MD,
Diabetic Foot Global Conference (DFCon) co-chairman, founding partner,
Los Angeles Vascular Specialists, Los Angeles, CA; and SVS Executive
Director Becky Maron.

APMA was represented by President Ross Taubman, DPM; David Armstrong,
DPM, PhD, professor of surgery, University of Arizona College of
Medicine; and APMA Executive Director Glenn Gastwirth, DPM.

Wayne Zefeldt, KCI senior manager, Professional Affairs, was also in
attendance. KCI is an APMA Corporate Partner. DFCon Conference
Director Dennis Vitrella was instrumental in facilitating this

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