Body Identity Disorder

Man freezes off his ‘hated’ right leg

Published 20 hours ago by Kesavan Unnikrishnan
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An Australian man who had hated his right leg plunged it in a bucket of dry ice for six hours so doctors had to amputate his leg.
David Openshaw, 29, had “hated” his right leg for the past 25 years. According to him, he suffered from a rare neurological condition called body integrity identity disorder (BIID), which sufferers claim is a medical condition characterized by an overwhelming desire to lose a limb or become a paraplegic.

Openshaw got his leg amputated last year and gets about on crutches now. He said that he had no regrets about being on crutches.

I had all these years of constantly having mind games with myself and then this one day, out of the blue, it’s no longer there.It took quite a little bit to get used to.

It is believed that there are many people around who have BIID, although many psychologists refuse to recognize it as a genuine identity trait..Many of the sufferers have amputated their healthy organs on their own. In 2000, Scottish surgeon Robert Smith had performed several amputations for many BIID sufferers, who according to him would have taken their own lives unless their demand for amputation was not met. Later he was ordered to stop.

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