Free Diabetic Socks? At least for a limited time

In an effort to assist those suffering from diabetes during these tough economic times, Los Angeles-based MiniPharmacy, one of America’s largest pharmacies specializing in diabetes supplies, is offering through June 2009 a free pair of diabetic socks to each new client who establishes an account.

According to MiniPharmacy Vice President Richard Fox, “MiniPharmacy is sensitive to the needs of those people who are dealing with diabetes. We believe we can provide some relief by offering new clients a free pair of diabetic socks when they sign up for our nationwide home delivery service.”

“As prescribed by doctors, our socks are made of eco-friendly cotton by Creative Care Inc. They are designed specifically for diabetics to improve circulation and are fully cushioned for superior walking comfort,” continues Fox. “Diabetics often have problems with their feet as a result of peripheral nerve damage which results in cold and/or sweaty feet. These socks aid in improved circulation and welcome comfort.”

Fox explains, “Diabetics may experience an increasing loss of sensation in their feet, typically starting at their toes. This numbness or loss of feeling is called neuropathy. The numbness will increase with the number of years a patient has diabetes. Neuropathy is a gradual process and many diabetics are unaware of it in the early stages. It often occurs between 7 and 10 years after being diagnosed with diabetes.”

Diabetics should have their Diabetic Clinic or podiatrist check their feet every year. Poor blood flow can have serious consequences and if necessary, they may need to be referred to a Vascular Surgeon.

Patients who sign up to receive their diabetic supplies from MiniPharmacy will find that MiniPharmacy accepts most health plans. They will also file most health plan claims for their clients, as well as any additional paperwork required by insurance carriers and health care programs.

To eligible diabetes patients, MiniPharmacy not only offers a no-charge blood glucose meter, but they provide free shipping as well.

About MiniPharmacy- MiniPharmacy is a family-owned-and-operated business which provides convenient home delivery services with free shipping within the United States. For more information on their full range of diabetic supplies, visit:

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