Patient Empowering Self-Monitoring Devices

FROM Diabetes Mine Design Challenge/Medgadget:

Much Ado About Safe Diabetic Feet

I wanted to note that our runner-up for the DiabetesMine Design Challenge Grand Prize was an item called FootSafe. Please watch the video, which is both compelling and heart-wrenching:

As noted, picking our winner was an extremely difficult decision, because for those patients effected, diabetic neuropathy and the damage it can do is horrific. To make that point, Dr. Steven Edelman even emailed this photo to the rest of the Judges’ Panel (I’m making it small here to avoid turning your stomach; enlarge at your own risk):


We think the FootSafe product has tremendous potential to help identify problems early and avoid this kind of erosion. However, we weren’t entirely sure if: 1) the scanning technology is sensitive enough for good accuracy, and 2) which patients would actually be able to afford a home solution like this — even with dubious partial insurance reimbursement.

Also, Medgadget Editor Michael Ostrovsky pointed out that some very similar products, one even using thermal analysis of the foot sole, are already under development, if not maybe so elegantly packaged.

Nevertheless, FootSafe is an excellent concept, and we wish that team much success in developing it for widespread use. Meanwhile, I beg you all to take good care of your diabetic feet!

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  1. No doubt, we are moving in the right direction!

    As per the accuracy comment, it may not be an essential parameter since feet are being imaged serially everyday and compared to the previous scans in the database. Cost however is a limiting factor and more needs to be done to address this issue.


  2. Hola, como ya es sabido para las personas diabeticas, lo esencial para no padecerla es la prevencion,

    Y despues su alimentacion y ejercicio son de suma importancia y muy facilmente lo olvidamos.

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