Disparities in Wound Care: Let’s have CHIPS-SALSA

This is truly a pressing issue and one that can be positively and absolutely addressed by an interdisciplinary team approach. Whilst making a difference is part of the clinical programs in all three settings (Private Practice, Private Hospital & Public Hospital), no meaningful outcomes can be achieved without a passion for saving limbs.

Considering the tremendous scope of the problem, it would stand to reason that we use the successful patients (ones that heal their wounds) themselves to teach within their community, much like “Train the Trainer”. This training must be reinforced at timely intervals to prepare more lay persons (or “promotoras”: Trained healthcare workers) This is especially true for the rural and underserved communities with limited access to care. This is a complimentary approach to aggressive wound healing as well as preventive care and is not an absolute independent solution.

We at Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA), have formed a Heathcare Interdisciplinary Program (CHIPS-SALSA) initiative. As part of this program, we have secured a CDC grant in collaboration with Center for E-Health and Telemedicine, at University of Arizona to deliver educational curriculum via telemedicine.

Stay tuned for more updates on this!

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