University of Arizona’s SALSA Represented at Diabetes Technology Meeting, Bethesda 2010

The Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) of the Department of Surgery at the University of Arizona's College of Medicine presented multiple studies at the national Diabetes Technology Meeting in Bethesda. SALSA Scientist and research Assistant Professor, Dr. Manish Bharara was presenting four SALSA studies on Thermometry (tissue health monitoring; thermal stimulation of tissue), Charcot... Continue Reading →

Avoiding "One" Hospital Visit Saves Thousands: Telemedicine Paving the Way for Future

Telemedicine holds tremendous potential to help shape up the 'Real Healthcare Reform'. Physician visits and hospital admissions add up fast contributing to the high healthcare costs. Federally sponsored program termed "Hospital to Home" has been implemented in Washington County, New York through which patients are equipped with vital health monitoring technologies connected to a central... Continue Reading →

Foot Technology & Wounds: Special Online Symposium in Journal of Diabetes Science & Technology

Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology is an electronic-only publication, indexed in MEDLINE by the National Library of Medicine. The journal publishes latest research, analyses, reviews, editorials, and commentaries from the leaders in the field of diabetes technology. In it's recent issue, the journal published the Part 1 of 2, for a special symposium on... Continue Reading →

Disparities in Wound Care: Let’s have CHIPS-SALSA

This is truly a pressing issue and one that can be positively and absolutely addressed by an interdisciplinary team approach. Whilst making a difference is part of the clinical programs in all three settings (Private Practice, Private Hospital & Public Hospital), no meaningful outcomes can be achieved without a passion for saving limbs.Considering the tremendous... Continue Reading →

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