Foot Technology & Wounds: Special Online Symposium in Journal of Diabetes Science & Technology

Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology is an electronic-only publication, indexed in MEDLINE by the National Library of Medicine. The journal publishes latest research, analyses, reviews, editorials, and commentaries from the leaders in the field of diabetes technology. In it’s recent issue, the journal published the Part 1 of 2, for a special symposium on “Foot Technology & Wounds”. This symposium was Co-Edited by Prof. David G Armstrong (SALSA, AZ), Dr. Bijan Najafi (CLEAR, IL), Dr. Manish Bharara (SALSA, AZ) and Prof. Andrew Boulton (Manchester, UK).
The symposium aims to further the care of the diabetic foot and preventing amputations worldwide. The symposium includes original articles, review articles, expert commentaries and case studies spanning across a broad range of modalities used over the continuum of care for the diabetic foot disease. Some examples include, infrared thermography, lower extremity biomechanics, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) and continuing medical education.

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