UofA Surgeon Armstrong Youngest Ever American Diabetes Association Lifetime Achievement Awardee in Amputation Prevention

ORLANDO. David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and Director of the
Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) at the University of
Arizona became the youngest ever recipient of the Roger Pecoraro Award
and Lectureship at this week’s 70th American Diabetes Association in
Orlando. “Professor Armstrong has had a lifetime of work in a fraction
of a lifetime”, noted Dr. Lee Rogers, Director of the Amputation
Prevention Center in Los Angeles and ADA Foot Care Council Chair. “He
had produced more than 300 manuscripts with 143 co authors on six
continents and mentored more than 40 physician and scientist leaders
in the field. It is unprecedented.” Armstrong, in his formal remarks,
was more circumspect, “This is such an honor, but we have so much work
ahead of us. Every 30 minutes someone loses a leg because of a
landline- and every 30 minutes, that’s a tragedy. But that happens
every 30 seconds because of diabetes. These problems are preventable.
These problems are worth a life’s work. ” Armstrong, a podiatric
surgeon by training, runs the SALSA service with his partner, Joseph
Mills, UA’s Chief of Vascular Surgery in what has become known as the
“Toe and Flow” model of care.

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