Taipei and ADA

Greetings again from Taipei, where Richard Kahn, Linda Cann, Mary Korytkowski, Harold Lebovitz and I join 500 of our colleagues from 9 Asian countries for this pan-asian symposium in diabetes management.

We have already received a number of requests for a “summary” slide of potential intervention factors associated with the diabetic foot. To that end, enclosed is a terrific slide put together by Dr. Lee Rogers some time ago that we have used and try to update. It shows the natural progression of disease in diabetes and the extremities. It also shows potential sites for intervention each step (or stair) along the way.

One thought on “Taipei and ADA

  1. Professor, I am quite fond of the concept of the “steps” or “stairway to an amputation” as it illustrates the most common causal factors (in the usual order of occurrence) that lead to a diabetic lower extremity amputation. And you reiterated the most important point, we need to determine which step the patient is currently on, and use interventions aimed at preventing progression to the next step! Enjoy Taipei.

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