Foot Temperature Monitoring for Preventing Ulcers & (may be) Damage to Sensory Receptors

Foot sole skin temperature affects plantar foot sensitivity:

Interesting work from Germany, suggests plantar foot temperatures may be important during quantitative sensory testing. This work is complimentary to SALSA’s publications (Cold immersion recovery responses in the diabetic foot with neuropathy & Warm immersion recovery test in assessment of diabetic neuropathy – a proof of concept study) last year, suggesting the degeneration of thermoreceptors in people with diabetic neuropathy.

This work definitely furthers the role of thermometry in assessment of diabetic feet. Perhaps, plantar temperatures are not just useful in preventing recurring ulcers, rather they may be indicative of sub-clinical neuropathy as well. This reinforces the role of monitoring foot temperatures not only for high risk patients, but also for diabetics to prevent loss of sensation and damage to mechanoreceptors as well as thermoreceptors. This work ties in well with SALSA’s activity prescription philosophy!

It is time now to develop this interesting concept into deliverable metrics for helping people monitor their temperatures and prevent (or delay) neuropathic complications and predict onset of ulcerations.

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