Podiatry, Vascular Surgery and Limb Salvage Front and Center in Beijing


> BEIJING, CHINA/ Hundreds of delegates from throughout Asia convened
> on the site of a former palace outside the Chinese capital to
> discuss methods to reduce diabetes related complications across the
> region. “This problem can't be overestimated.” noted Dr. Robert
> Frykberg, Chief of Podiatric Surgery at the Carl T. Hayden VA
> Medical Center in Phoenix, “We need to continue to build teams to
> fight it”. This topic was one that fit squarely with the subject
> matter broached by Frykberg's colleague, Prof. David G. Armstrong of
> the Department of Surgery at the University of Arizona. Armstrong
> noted, “What we have to understand, is that, in the fight for
> amputation prevention, teams trump technology. When we put people
> together that care about stemming the amputation tsunami, we can
> literally beat back the tide. “

David G. Armstrong

Dedicated to amputation prevention, wound healing, diabetic foot, biotechnology and the intersection between medical devices and consumer electronics.

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