Frustration drives two diabetes patients to suicide

MUMBAI: Depressed over their condition, two ailing senior citizens committed suicide in separate cases on


A 70-year-old man, who had been suffering fromdiabetes for a long time, jumped from the bedroom window of his fifth floor house at Santacruz (E) on Saturday morning. Sources at Vakola police station said that Prabhakar Padwal had diabetes for the last 20 years, and had been taking treatment at a privatehospital. A couple of years ago, he had developed gangrene on his right leg and it had to be amputated from the knee level. As a result, he had been fitted with an artificial foot, the police said.

However, he had been acutely frustrated with this condition, and had told his family members that he wanted to end his life. He had even tried to attempt suicide once before, but was saved due to the presence of his family members, said an officer from Vakola police station. Since the last few days, he had been highly depressed and was not taking hismedicines on time.

Early on Saturday, Padwal’s family members heard some noise from his bedroom and on entering found the bedroom window open. Looking outside, they saw him lying injured on the first floor ledge of the building. He was taken to VN Desai Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival, and the cause of death was given as `haemmorhage and shock due to multiple injuries’.

In a similar incident, a 62-year-old diabetes patient from Borivli (W), also ended his life on Saturday, when he hanged himself in his house.

Police sources said that Shridhar Shivdekar, had diabetes for a long time and had taken treatment at various hospitals. Recently, he had developed injuries on his feet and had been advised by his doctors to get three fingers on his toe amputated, sources said.

The family went to sleep on Friday night after having a discussion on the subject, and the senior citizen appeared to be quite normal at that time. However, when the family woke up on Saturday, they found him to hanging from the ceiling, and was declared dead by a doctor, the police said. The cause of death was given as `asphyxia due to hanging’, and an officer from the Borivli police station said that there is nothing suspicious in this case.

Dr Alka Deshpande, former head of medicine department, JJ Hospital, said diabetes patients often tend to get depressed because their injuries do not heal quickly. Such chronic ailments that do have any permanent cure often affect the morale of the patient, and amputation can further complicate this, she said. Therefore, it is important to have trained counsellors in the hospital who can talk to the patient and also attend to his queries on diet control, she suggested.

From the Times of India

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